about us

We are Najev family –local Dalmatians who are in love with our heritage.

We have spent a lot of time witnessing the beauties of Dalmatia which you can never get tired of. Knowing every village and every stone we set out on an adventure to introduce you to our precious region.

Discovering the truffles of Dalmatia we have decided to share this experience with you.

When we reach the secret locations we will teach you everything there is to know about truffles and how to hunt them, and you will hear the story about our specially trained dogs. At the end of the tour lunch or dinner with truffles will be waiting for you in the nature.

The aim is to promote Dalmatian truffles and to raise awareness of natural resources of Dalmatia which is the home of very valuable types of truffles.

Join us in an exciting adventure which you will definitely remember for the rest of your lives not only as nature, adrenaline and dog lovers, but also as a special gastronomic delight lovers, and all that in the very heart of Dalmatia. 

Toni Najev
D.R.I Najev