Truffle Hunting Dalmatia

Search of hidden underground treasure


Ready for a spectacular outdoor culinary adventure?  Join the Najev family and their team of truffle-hunting dogs to search, find, and enjoy fresh truffles in the Dalmatian forest. A perfect experience for lovers of cuisine and nature!

Hello everyone,

We are a Najev family –local Dalmatians who are in love with our heritage. We have spent a lot of time witnessing the beauties of Dalmatia which you can never get tired of. Knowing every village and every stone we set out on an adventure to introduce you to our precious truffle region.

Discovering the truffles of Dalmatia, we have decided to share this experience with you. We are professional truffle hunters and the first family who started truffle hunting experience in Dalmatia. Our locations are hidden throughout the Dalmatian forests.

Join us, and our specially-trained truffle hunting dogs, as we seek to hunt for fresh truffles in nature. When we reach the secret locations we will teach you everything there is to know about truffles and how to hunt them, and you will hear the story about our specially trained dogs. 

Depending on the season of your visit we’ll find the black truffle; Tuber aestivum, Tuber uncinatum, Tuber brumale, Tuber melanosporum, and the white truffle Tuber borchii-bianchetto, Tuber Magnatum Pico, etc.

To celebrate your successful hunt, relax in the beautiful forest setting while we prepare a gourmet meal featuring local wine, truffle brandy, and of course our truffles! Lunch is in three courses (in the main one you will be able to join the chef and learn how to cook with truffles) 

Experience the excitement of truffle hunting amidst the wonderful natural resources in the heart of Dalmatia!

Then, join the hunt and uncover your first truffle!  

The aim is to promote Dalmatian truffles and to raise awareness of the natural resources of Dalmatia which is the home of very valuable types of truffles.

Join us in an exciting adventure that you will remember for the rest of your lives not only as nature, adrenaline, and dog lovers but also as a special gastronomic delight lover.


• Private truffle hunting in the Split area

• Duration 4 hours, includes transportation

• Tour staff includes truffle hunter, guide, chef, and our truffle hunting dogs

• Introduction to the history of Dalmatia and our natural resources

• Education about truffles and truffle hunting techniques

• Guest participation in truffle hunting

• Gourmet meal prepared and served in the Dalmatian forest ( three courses)


• Tour includes transportation to and from your accommodation in Split

• Tour price includes: Transportation, Truffle hunting, Food & Beverage, Insurance

• Available year-round, truffle varieties subject to season

• Contact us to schedule your tour